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Our Process

We cater to each individual client’s unique financial situation. At the beginning of every new client relationship, we create a full client profile to understand your financial situation and goals. From there, we design a plan that works within your financial situation and puts you on a path to achieve your financial goals. 


We monitor each client’s unique plan on an ongoing basis and dynamically adjust the plan as foreseen, and unforeseen, matters arise. Whether you’re starting your career, starting your family, transitioning into retirement, retired, or anywhere in between, we have the experience to guide you towards your financial goals. 

Customized Portfolio Alignment

At Family Fiduciary, we combine the wealth-creating equity bias, risk-reducing portfolio diversification, and return-enhancing tax sensitivity to construct investment portfolios that align with your financial goals. Our dynamic process, personalized to fit each client's individual needs, is designed to create positive outcomes for our clients.

Guided by David Swensen's Yale Endowment Model

When it comes to managing our clients' investments, our philosophy is derived from the late David Swensen, Yale's renowned endowment fund manager. The approach we apply is rooted in Swensen's three fundamental principles of long-term asset allocation:  



Equity Ownership

We recognize the importance of equity ownership in generating superior returns and building long-term wealth. Our strategies aim to maximize the potential of strategically diversified portfolios to create substantial value for you.


Portfolio Diversification

By allocating investments across a range of asset types that historically exhibit different behaviors, we aim to improve portfolio characteristics and reduce risk. Diversification is key to achieving more stable returns over time.


Tax Sensitivity

We pay close attention to the tax characteristics of different asset classes and the tax consequences of portfolio strategies. This focus enhances after-tax returns and contributes to the growth of your assets.

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