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Investment Management

Investment management is not a one-size-fits-all commodity. That’s why we manage your investments in alignment with your unique risk tolerance, financial situation and towards your individual or family goals. Each client portfolio is managed uniquely, while adhering to three long-term asset allocation principles we believe are pivotal – the importance of equity ownership, the efficacy of portfolio diversification and the significance of tax sensitivity:​

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Equity Ownership

Historically, allocations to equities have enhanced return characteristics of portfolios. The superior return potential from these higher risk positions is vital when striving to produce greater wealth. 

Portfolio Diversification

Commitments to a variety of asset types, which have historically behaved differently from one another, can also improve portfolio attributes. The reduced risk associated with broadly diversified portfolios can produce more stable returns. 

Tax Sensitivity

Attention to the tax characteristics of asset classes and tax consequences of portfolio strategies may strengthen portfolio results. We manage our clients’ money with a focus on after-tax returns, because that’s what impacts our clients, rather than pre-tax returns. 

In our view, the wealth-creating equity bias, risk-reducing portfolio diversification, and return-enhancing tax sensitivity combine to undergird the asset-allocation structure of effective investment portfolios.

Our Investment Committee, comprised of consummate individuals with extensive investment management experience, meets quarterly to discuss client portfolio positioning, capital markets and economic conditions. Please visit our team page to learn more about the members of our Investment Committee and their respective backgrounds. 

Experience Matters

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