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Investment Management and Professional Fiduciaries

We are a team of professionals dedicated to your family’s wealth protection and investment management needs.  In effect, we create a “family office” with the single goal of working with you and your family.  We provide fiduciary service with a long-term focus on investment management and serving as a trustee if needed.  As an organization with the capacity to serve as individual or corporate trustees, we have the capability to serve not only you but future generations.  A privately-held organization, we provide clients with the stability of a fiduciary and investment advice uncolored by Wall Street firms.


Regarding your investments, we believe finance theory and common sense support three long-term asset allocation principles—the importance of equity ownership, the efficacy of portfolio diversification, and the significance of tax sensitivity.  Allocations to equities potentially enhance portfolio characteristics as the superior returns expected from high-risk positions which we believe ultimately produce greater wealth.  Commitments to a range of asset types that have historically behaved differently from one another and may improve portfolio attributes, as the potential reduced risk associated with broadly diversified portfolios could ultimately produce more stable returns.  Attention to the tax characteristics of asset classes and tax consequences of portfolio strategies may strengthen portfolio results, as the improved after-tax returns may ultimately produce more assets.  In our view the wealth-creating equity bias, the risk-reducing portfolio diversification and the return-enhancing tax sensitivity combine to undergird the asset-allocation structure of effective investment portfolios.

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