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When should you consider a Trustee?

Of all the issues our clients face, none is more important than the matter of transferring wealth to future generations. The solution to this often involves the thoughtful use of trusts.


If you have a trust, or are considering establishing one, the choice of a trustee is highly important. Trustees must have the skills to handle the technical matters that arise, including taxation and asset management. These actions must be done according to the specific document provisions and laws governing your trust.


If you are seeking professional fiduciary expertise, want to avoid personal conflicts within your family or among beneficiaries and want to ensure continuity of oversight for the life of your trust, consider appointing Family Fiduciary Services, Inc. as your professional fiduciary. We can also serve as Co-Trustee to ensure appropriate trust administration and management when a family member also serves as a trustee. In situations where you are named the initial trustee, Family Fiduciary has the capability to be named successor trustee to step in as the need arises. We can also serve as a Personal Representative for your estate. This includes inventorying and marshalling of assets as required by the Probate Court and transferring them to your beneficiaries.

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