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Fiduciary Process:

We are an independent Registered Investment Advisor* dedicated to helping you as you manage your money and serve as trustee if needed.  Family Fiduciary aims to foster an environment committed to client trust, financial education and superior service.  Our client’s financial goals and investment objectives form the foundation of our work.  As your advisors, we draw on our experience to help your family anticipate and respond to changing conditions and events, as all families have unique needs.


As Fiduciaries, we strive at all times to:

  • Conduct ourselves with the highest level of integrity;

  • Strive to preserve assets and purchasing power;

  • Transact business in a transparent and conflict free manner;

  • Provide unparalleled service,

  • Build long-lasting multi-generational relationships.


We view the trust of our clients as paramount.  Family Fiduciary Services, Inc. is compensated by clearly disclosed fees we charge to manage your assets and not by commissions**.  

 *Registration as an investment advisor with the Securities and Exchange Commission does not nor is it intended to imply any level of skill or training.  

**Family Fiduciary Services, Inc. ("FFSI") utilizes Fidelity Investment Institutional Services ("Fidelity"), as the custodian and executing broker dealer for all client transactions.  FFSI does share         in any portion commissions or other transactions based which may be changed by Fidelity.  

Fiduciary Process: Services

Our Process:

We begin by sitting down with each client and preparing a detailed, consolidated report based on a family asset review.  A comprehensive review of all family entities, trusts and accounts is prepared in coordination with your attorney and accountant.  Clients who see this consolidated information for the first time find it is surprising and rewarding.


The next step is to create an investment strategy based on your needs.  During this meeting, we will assess your risk tolerance, investment objectives and time horizon.  We will then draft an Investment Policy Statement for your review and signature.  Once the Investment Policy Statement has been created, investment vehicles and asset classes can be identified for your wealth management needs.


We take a long-term view in choosing and implementing client investment strategies. Some of the asset classes we employ are: Stocks, Bonds, Commodities, and Cash. We strive to keep the portfolios fully invested and diversified with an eye on tax efficiency. In general, cost efficient Exchange Traded Funds and Index Mutual Funds are used for the portfolios to minimize cost drag relative to more expensive options available in the marketplace. 


Once your funds are invested, allocations are reviewed by an Investment Committee that meets quarterly to consider the investment climate, create an economic forecast on a rolling 3-year basis and evaluate the efficiency of the investment model. Our Investment Committee is comprised of professionals who can draw on over 100 years of combined investment experience to manage your money.


We understand that your financial well-being affects not only you but your family as well. We emphasize the importance of this relationship and encourage communication and education for all family members.

Fiduciary Process: Services
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